toki, mi jan Misali

first names

"the first Jans used descriptions instead of proper names, like "jan pi wawa mute" and "jan pi pona mute". Gradually it simplified, dropping the pi and eliding the first syllable to grant a distinction from common words, sometimes shortening too. That's the origin of many well known names in Jan culture like jan Wamute (wawa mute) , jan Nasuli (sona/pona suli), and jan Nalu (pona lukin)." - from - jan Tomen
jan culture names should just be written with the words they're made from, not the normal sp way - jan Melako

last names

the earliest jans used jan, itself, as a surname. this is still seen in widespread usage all over the world, jan being the most popular surname in toki pona. but some jans wanted to be more expressive, and so other names came about - kasi, soweli, kili, kala, and even multiple words like jan pona. these names allowed them to express themselves better. common names like jan Nalukin might evolve into kili Nalukin or pipi Nalukin. jan Wamute might become pona Wamute or even wawa Wamute. perhaps the multiple-word surnames were shortened, and jan pona Nalu became janpo Nalu. this, of course, slowly developed into other, more complex surnames, and this is the history of jan culture surnames. - kala pona Tonyu