instead of using phonemic strings as modifiers for proper names, we instead contextualize phonemic strings by modifying them jan Po li alasa e ijo = Po jan li alasa e ijo why, you ask? idk. maybe poetry? could be an alternate naming convention for those in jan culture who have been shunned out of their community - their jan-ness isn't prioritized. could also maybe be a taboo thing where if you don't want to invoke the person directly, you could say it like this instead. - jan Lakuse

leko nimi

a while ago i had the idea of toki pona poetry which uses 4 lines of 4 words each and when you put them into sitelen pona they make leko nimis - kule epiku Atawan
When making the nimi leko, not only does it have to make sense when reading it from left to right, top to bottom, but it also needs to make sense when reading from top to bottom, left to right (or right to left idk) - jan Asen
leko nimi is a form of toki pona poetry. there are 16 words organised into 4 lines of sitelen pona characters in a square. leko nimi can be read both vertically or horizontally.
'tomo moku' - jan Likipi
- kule epiku Atawan